What we offer

We offer the opportunity for businesses to significantly improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness, thereby providing the capability to deliver competitive advantage. We undertake this utilising best practice improvement processes and techniques that have delivered significant benefits across Financial Services organisations.

Why it’s needed

Without the capability to improve its performance a business will be left behind and, ultimately, fail. Those businesses that grasp the opportunity to improve, and embed a continuous improvement culture, will thrive. The cultural aspect has to be driven by the senior leadership within the business and, in partnership with them, CBS can generate and undertake appropriate improvement activity as well as training staff in order to build and sustain that improvement culture.

What are the key benefits

  • By focussing on the customer, we deliver improved service capability through enhancing operational performance.
  • We concentrate on elimination of non-value added activity, thereby delivering cost reduction benefits and improved operational capacity.
  • Only industry best practice fully qualified consultants are utilised who can operate across all levels of the organisation.
  • Our consultants can also train staff and coach improvement skills, thereby improving staff engagement levels.


We have a proven track record of delivering improvement activity across UK Financial Services resulting in benefit realisation running in to millions of pounds in value. This has been delivered based on deep-seated industry experience and the knowledge with our team of qualified lean and 6 sigma professionals.