What we offer

We offer the opportunity for businesses to enhance their performance through delivery of Business Change. We are experienced in generating, managing and delivering change across a range of Financial Services organisations, be that wholesale transformation programmes or smaller scale initiatives concentrated on an individual business unit level.

Why it’s needed

In order to survive and thrive a business must develop its ability to deliver change in an efficient and effective manner. That capability emanates from a drive to improve continuously and target its change programmes on areas that will have the greatest benefit in order to improve bottom line performance. CBS can generate, manage and deliver necessary business change for you.

What are the key benefits

  • We are flexible in our approach. We can lead all facets of change capability or support and guide organisations who wish to manage change themselves.
  • We are experienced in generating, revising and implementing operational models that best fit with an organisations capability, plans and targets.
  • We drive out efficiencies that deliver customer service and bottom line benefit to the organisation.
  • Only industry best practice fully qualified consultants are utilised who can operate across all levels of the organisation.


We have a proven track record of delivering business change in an effective manner activity across the retail banking sector. We possess deep-seated industry experience and strong engagement capabilities. This allied to many years experience in running large scale programmes means that we are strongly placed to help you successfully deliver Business Change.