What do we offer

Our team of experts can define and embed the new development methods required to meet the shifting emphasis of customers, the industry and the regulators and the challenges this brings to the internal organisation. Working in partnership with your delivery teams we will lead the definition of best practice and new standards with a supporting methodology.

Why it’s needed

With the proliferation of Digital services recognised as being the key enabler for both customer growth and retention, many companies are struggling to navigate their way through the new demands posed by increasingly liquid customer expectations.

Being able to respond instantly to these pressures impacts many different domains within an organisation: product definition; brand differentiation; the development of digital platforms (both package integration and bespoke build); the ability to release features quickly, especially whilst driving towards a continuous delivery model; the pressures of trying to perform in an agile manner whilst operating in a conventional organisation; and delivering tailored business change within the context of a traditional environment trying to be digital.

CBS has the experience required to deliver across these many domains.

What are the key benefits

  • We can provide consultants who have current and relevant experience managing all aspects of Digital & Payments programmes across Financial Services.
  • We have consultants who intimately understand the payments eco-system for the consumer Retail sector and the implications brought about by PSD2 and Open Banking.
  • Comfortable working with agile, waterfall and hybrid methodologies, we will define a delivery approach tailored to meet the ambitions of the organisation and ensure immediate progress whilst providing expertise for the development of a Digital Target Operating Model (TOM).
  • Experience with the delivery of a true omni-channel capability within the constraints of a traditional bank with legacy IT systems; designing and building new Gateways, Micro Services, API’s and integration platforms.
  • Our approach brings insight and hands-on experience which allows our consultants to operate comfortably at Executive level whilst managing multi-disciplined development teams and all aspects of business delivery.


We have a proven track record of delivering all aspects of change in the Digital world from initial concept, product design and the creation of new channels, through mobilisation and delivery with final to handover to steady state BAU.