What we offer

Our methodologies and processes have been shaped from experience of delivering multi-million-pound programmes with large-scale technical and business change and help organisations become more flexible and nimble in their delivery. Covering areas such as DevOps, continuous delivery models, automated testing and designing governance and control frameworks to suits these new ways of working.

Why it’s needed

Being responsive to increased market and customer demands is crucial for any organisation with ambitions to operate at pace in the digital world. By leveraging processes and controls CBS can implement a responsive delivery model to maximise throughput and make delivery more predictable.

What are the key benefits

  • With hands-on experience of agile, waterfall and hybrid methodologies, we will design a delivery approach which will allow the organisation to maximise their internal capability.
  • We have led the design and implementation of continuous delivery models providing the client with predictable shorter release cycles.
  • Gain access to experienced consultants who have rolled-out Test automation within a number of different delivery models – agile, hybrid and waterfall.
  • Benefit from insights gained by introducing a new DevOps capability and design one that will meet your future needs.


We have led large scale digital assignments with responsibility to implement new ways of working to support different methodologies. This has included the roll-out of DevOps, test automation and continuous delivery models.