Business resumption and operational efficiency in the face of Covid-19.

As we emerge from Lockdown we are all going to have to get used to changing business environments and new ways of working. Businesses may not have the same budget or resource levels to call upon, work locations will be distributed much more widely, and working from home more prevalent. 

This brings both challenges and opportunities.

Why it’s needed.

A well defined and executed recovery roadmap provides a clear opportunity to gain competitive advantage. By getting it right first time, designing a new operating model, reworking or implementing new processes and embedding new working practices you can adapt faster and give your business a solid foundation for enhanced and sustained efficiency.

Key benefits.

An effective roadmap that is well implemented will contribute to reduced operating costs. But there are other benefits to be achieved – flexibility in how, and when, people operate will lead to more engaged staff, with higher productivity levels, particularly if their views and opinions are sought when the roadmap is being constructed.

Why CBS.

CBS Consulting is here to assist you in many ways. We can lead the necessary activity and support you in fulfilling all necessary quality assurance activity. Our deep-seated skills and expertise in designing and implementing Target Operating Models, process design and process enhancement, are provided by CBS’ fully qualified and experienced Lean manufacturing practitioners and 6 Sigma Black Belts.

Author: Eddie Curran, Managing Director
An experienced and authoritative change leader in Technology and Business Transformation.